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Taking a Stance on Illegal Mining in Huder Soum

2014-10-16 131

Citizens Representative Khural of Huder soum in Selenge province have taken measures to ensure that illegal gold exploration and mining is ceased
Local community leaders have intervened, after persistent illegal mineral extraction in Huder soum, Selenge province, was causing concern that the Huder River was being contaminated with wastewater from gold exploration and mining.  

The Citizens Representative Khural has been commended for its actions by demanding that the illegal mining of gold be ceased by the local citizens.  During a crime prevention council meeting at the Citizens Representative Khural, discussions were held to address the practice of illegal gold mining and its harmful effects and impacts on the community and environment.  

In the past, soum legislators, inspection officers, and the local police had intervened to try to prevent illegal mining from occurring.   Illegal mining by Huder soum citizens (40 people) and neighboring territories (20 people) had been an ongoing issue that the local leaders have now addressed.  

Since July of 2014, Zub Gol and Od-Chag mining companies, in collaboration with Khatanbaatar, have worked closely to install “pan off” equipment, which aims at improving the wastewater resulting from mining.  

On the 17th, September, the successful meeting convened by Ts.Oyun, chairman of the Governor’s administration, resulted in the decision to completely end all forms of illegal gold exploration in the concerned area.  The meeting convened included R.Tsogbadrakh chairman of Citizens Representative Khural; B.Narantsetseg Governor; N.Erdenebaatar, police officer; G.Enkhtuvshin environmental inspector; T.Erdenebat bagh governor; L.Bayarjavkhlan legal specialist; and G.Tserendamba school director.